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Friday 11 Dec
This Thing of Ours

Gangsters use sophisticated technology to steal millions from banks - 2002
3:00 KSA
00:00 GMT

When Saturday Comes

An aspiring British soccer player struggles against intense pressure from his mates at the pub and his adoring wife while being forced to decide if his passions lie on the pitch or in his personal Starring: Sean Bean, Emily Lloyd, Pete Postlethwaite, John McEnery, Ann Bell - 1996
4:30 KSA
01:30 GMT

Pet Sematary 2

Geoff, the new kid in a small Maine town, whose veterinarian father has relocated after the death of his wife. After a friend's dog is killed, Geoff and the boy discover and make use of a "sematary" with the power to reanimate the dead. It isn't long before dead people are placed in the special soil and the boys have some true, gory problems on their hands - Starring: Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards, Clancy Brown, Jared Rushton
6:00 KSA
03:00 GMT

Nascar 3D: The IMAX Experience

Documentary offering an eye-opening insight into the high-speed sport, featuring interviews with key figures, a sneak peek behind the scenes, and plenty of racing action. Directed by Simon Wincer and narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.starring Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Tony Stewart - 2004
7:30 KSA
04:30 GMT

The Falcon And The Snowman

A man employed by the FBI grows disillusioned with America's policies and decides to become a spy for the Russians, but his unwise choice of accomplice leads to tragedy.
9:00 KSA
06:00 GMT

Man On Fire

In Mexico City, a former assassin swears vengeance on those who committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect.
11:00 KSA
08:00 GMT


American mining engineer gets involved in civil war and international conspiracy in one African country.He is the only hope to find a missing shipment of toxic waste that could kill.
13:00 KSA
10:00 GMT


An Asian cop returns to Chicago to revenge his brother's death, only to come up against a psycho threesome on a killing spree.
15:00 KSA
12:00 GMT


In this film, Bruce Willis plays the role of Jeff Tally, an LAPD hostage negotiator who has lost his touch and retired to a more relaxing job as police chief for a quiet, upscale enclave in the Southern California mountains. He's also left behind an unhappy wife and a bitter teenager (Rumor Willis), who pay an occasional visit to quarrel about a possible divorce.
17:00 KSA
14:00 GMT

Mojave Moon

A car salesman, recently divorced and newly-retired, travels to Los Angeles to start a new life. Along the way he picks up a hitchhiker, and later falls in love with the hitchhiker's mother. Starring: Danny Aiello, Angelina Jolie, Anne Archer-1996
19:00 KSA
16:00 GMT


Residing in southern France, along the Mediterranean, Frank Martin going by the name 'The Transporter' has left the Special Forces. He finds comfort and cash in executing little 'missions'; namely transporting packages from point A to point B, with no names, and no questions asked.
21:00 KSA
18:00 GMT

Along Came a Spider

Washington, D.C. homicide detective Alex Cross is through playing mind games with criminals--that is until a methodical predator, Gary Soneji kidnaps the young daughter of a United States senator from an elite school and lures Cross into the case. Soneji's not out for ransom, he wants something much bigger--a place in the history books. His every move is planned with the precision of a spider spinning..
23:00 KSA
20:00 GMT

Strange Wilderness

pot-smoking slacker inherits his late father's wildlife TV show - but finds it is on the brink of cancellation. Needing to do something spectacular to keep the series on the air, the new presenter leads an expedition to prove the existence of Bigfoot.
1:00 KSA
22:00 GMT

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