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Animal planet listings

Postby sharif143 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:26 pm

Animal planet listings 11-12-09

6:00am Animal Cops Detroit
7:00am Growing Up...
8:00am Wildlife SOS
8:30am Pet Rescue
9:00am E-Vets: The Interns
9:30am E-Vets: The Interns
10:00am Animal Cops Houston
11:00am Animal Cops Phoenix
12:00pm Monkey Business
12:30pm Escape to Chimp Eden
1:00pm Farm Life
1:30pm Animal Hospital
2:00pm Wildlife SOS
2:30pm Pet Rescue
3:00pm Nick Baker's Weird Creatures
4:00pm Animal Cops Houston
5:00pm Animal Cops Phoenix
6:00pm Monkey Business
Three-year-old Tutti flies in, all the way from Saudi Arabia. But what will this baby chimp make of...
6:30pm Escape to Chimp Eden
Eugene returns to Sudan for his biggest rescue ever. Seven chimps are waiting to be picked up, but w...
7:00pm Farm Life
George manages to lose his sheep again, but new sheepdog Sweep could be the answer to his prayers.
7:30pm Animal Hospital
Join Rolf Harris and the staff at the RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital centre as they provide veteri...
8:00pm E-Vets: The Interns
Dr Kevin Drygas leads the first surgeries of his career, while the other young doctors reach importa...
8:30pm E-Vets: The Interns
Dr Kevin races against time to save a Newfoundland with a lethally twisted stomach.
9:00pm Animal Cops Houston
Investigator Stephen Goldman receives a call about a dog stuck in a fence. When he gets there, he fi...
10:00pm Animal Cops Phoenix
Investigator McHugh does her best to dodge traffic as she tries to save a dog that has strayed onto...
11:00pm Miami Animal Police
An exotic wildlife expert is called to the Monkey Jungle to remove an unwanted eight-foot alligator.
12:00am Farm Life
12:30am Wildlife SOS
1:00am E-Vets: The Interns
1:30am E-Vets: The Interns
2:00am Monkey Business
2:30am Escape to Chimp Eden
3:00am Orangutan Island
3:25am Meerkat Manor
3:50am Wildlife SOS
4:15am Wildlife SOS
4:40am Pet Rescue
5:05am Pet Rescue
5:30am Shamwari: A Wild Life

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