cs504 1st assiggment

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cs504 1st assiggment

Postby sameea » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:23 pm

Please read the following instructions carefully before assignment submission.
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

 The assignment is submitted after due date.
 The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
 All types of plagiarism are strictly prohibited.


The objective of this assignment is:

 To assess your overall understanding of Software Requirements Engineering
 To check your level of understanding for Functional and Non Functional Requirements.
 How we create Business Requirements and User requirements
 How to draw Context Diagram for any system

Note: The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any other format will not be accepted. Your answer must follow the below given specifications.

You will be assigned no marks if you do not follow these instructions.

• Font style: “Times New Roman”
• Font color: “Black”
• Font size: “12”
• Bold for heading only.
• Font in Italic is not allowed at all.
• No formatting or bullets are allowed to use.

Assignment: This assignment is covering Software Requirements Engineering Lectures 1-6. Recall the lectures delivered for Software Requirements engineering and solve your assignment.

Problem Statement: HealthCare Sale Management System

Description: Advance HealthCare is a medicine purchase and sale company which purchases medicines from suppliers and sells it to customers. Advance HealthCare wants to develop an online system which will facilitate to manage the routine tasks of medicine sales and will convert the manual working in a computerized system. The system is meant to manage almost every aspect of the medicine sale system such as maintaining the stock record of the medicine, suppliers/companies accounts, purchase record, customer record, sales invoice generation, employees’ record etc.

This system will maintain all the sales of medicines to customer and purchase from supplier. The medicine stock will be managed along with their batch numbers, expiry date, rate and quantity. When the medicine is purchased, and record is entered, the stock record will be updated immediately.

The system will also handle the accounts including payments to suppliers and receiving from customers. The proper ledgers of every account will be maintained. The system will also help in maintaining the employees’ record that includes storing their name and other particulars along with their salary package.

The system will generate many sophisticated reports including stock reports, ledger prints and rate lists. The system will not generate any advanced accounting reports as trial balance, balance sheet, Operating Expense Report and worksheets.

The System should be user friendly, technology independent and platform independent. The System service should have availability most of the time in the day. It must be capable of supporting multiple users at a time without affecting the performance. It should be able to complete its on-going operations in spite of any error or problem within defined response time.

Now considering the above description,

Question 1)

You are required to list down:
a) Business requirements
b) User Requirements
c) Functional Requirements
d) Non-Functional Requirements

Note: You have to consider any other functionality by yourself which you think, should be part of this system.

Question 2)

You are required to draw context diagram for HealthCare Sale Management System.
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