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Windows 7 Ultimate Live CD Extreme Edition x86 + x64 FinaL

Postby abdulsaboor » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:28 pm

Release Date: 2010
Platfm: x86-32 | x86-64 | EM64T
Bit operating system: 32 bits
Language: English
Windows 7 Live CD - The operating system, loaded from removable media (CD, DVD, USB-drive, etc.), does not require installation to operate on the hard disk. The same concept and suppts refer to these operating systems. Windows 7 Live CD allows you to quickly start wking with a computer, avoiding the lengthy process of installing the operating system in a permanent memy of a computer - the hard drive. Running Live CD usually takes a few minutes at a time, as the first launch of the traditional operating system often requires several hours.
- Recovering after failures:
Another application of Windows 7 Live CD - the restation of data and / efficiency ce operating system after failure. It allows you to wk with the computer when the primary operating
- Wk on multiple computers:
Another advantage of Windows 7 Live CD is a convenience if you move. F example, you can get Windows 7 Live CD with you if you need some time to wk on another computer. That way you can on any computer (with CD-ROM) easy access to familiar operating system, and not to be afraid of harming someone else's system and others' data while wking.
- Diskless computers and computers with small drives:
Windows 7 Live CD can be used on computers with no hard drive (which is very rare) and on computers with hard disk drive very small amount (which is also rare).
Embedded tools:
- Standard applications:
+ WdPad
+ Calculat
+ Paint
+ Notebook
- Games:
+ PinBall
+ Frecell
+ Conect 4
-System tools:
+ Copy a disk (floppy)
+ A43 File Managment Utility (instead of wire)
+ Bart Stuff Test
+ Total Commander
+ System Reste
+ Remote Descktop Connection (Remote Desktop)
+ Drive Snapshot
+ Cpu-Z
+ On Screen Keyboard
+ Reg Edit
+ Task Manager (Task Manager)
+ Windows Help
+ Nu2Menu
+ Everest Advanced System Infmation
+ DiskPart
+ Check Disk
+ Matrix Screensaver
+ CMD (command line)
+ RUN (execute)
- System requirements:
+ Process
+ Mouse / Keyboard
+ Display with at least 800x600 resolution and 32 bit cols
How to install:
1.Take the ISO file and burn it to a cd
2. Boot from cd and boom! Your done =o
<b></b> ... dition.rar
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