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MBA Projects

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:14 pm
by abdulsaboor
List of Topics for Research Work
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· Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization
· Measuring the perceived organizational support
· Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, Recruitment &
Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation Management) of organizations of
different sectors.
· Measuring job stress
· Effect of job design on the employee satisfaction
· Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction
· HR Audit of any organization
· Effect of Job Enrichment & Job Enlargement on employee performance
· Effect of incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on employees’ intentions of turnover
· Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Workplace
· Types of Commitment and employees Task performance
· Application of Job Characteristics Model (JCM)
· Effect of Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
· Analysis of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Gender Discrimination
· Effect of Job Burnout on Employees’ Performance
· Role of Supervisor in building the Employees’ Psychological Contract
· Impact of Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment
· Workforce Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness
· Exploring Glass Ceiling in Private Sector Organization
· Impact of Fringe Benefits on Hygiene Factor Theory
· Exploring different types of Organizational Commitment (Affective, Normative &